11 January
Deans Primary School Education Scotland

The School and Nursery performed well across all indicators as inspectors remarked on the very good leadership across the school community on display. They stated in their report that the school's headteacher has established a strong nurturing ethos where all members of the school community are valued and respected.  Inspectors also marked the school as 'very good' for ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion and noted that children at Deans are supported in a number of bespoke ways, including daily wellbeing check ins and a tailored health and wellbeing curriculum, with staff ensuring the needs of each and every pupil are met on a daily basis.  There was also positive feedback in the 'Raising Attainment and Achievement' and 'Learning, Teaching and Assessment' where the school and Nursery were graded as good. Inspectors noted that school staff successfully and proactively identify gaps in attainment with tailored and bespoke support packages in place and commended the staff team on their varied approaches to supporting learners.

Deans Primary School Head Teacher, Frances Stewart said: "We were delighted to receive such positive feedback from Education Scotland. Our whole staff team work exceptionally hard to support our pupils and wider school community and this is an excellent reflection of their commitment. We are very lucky at Deans to work with such fantastic pupils and a very supportive wider school community.  We will review all the findings from the Education Scotland report and will continue to work on our ambitious school improvement priorities.'

Executive councillor for education, Andrew McGuire said: "Congratulations to everyone at Deans Primary School. This is an excellent report and reflects well on everyone at the school. It is clear to see that a lot importance is placed on the wellbeing of each and every pupil and this is fantastic. I was delighted to be able to visit the school recently and look forward to seeing how it continues to develop."