17 January
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A recent review highlighted that the current charges do not cover the cost of providing the service, which is significantly less than many private sector providers.

The council's increase will ensure that the cost of providing the services are fully covered.

The new costs for; rats, mice, fleas and other insects will be £162 (five visits max). Costs for squirrels, wasps, bed bugs will remain the same as charges currently meet the cost of providing these services.

West Lothian Council's pest control team is part of the Trusted Trader scheme and has expanded their level of assistance to local households and businesses.

Craig Smith, the council's Environmental Health & Trading Standards Manager said: "Current fees and charges have remained the same for a long time and have only increased in line with inflation. A recent review has highlighted that the cost of treatments for rats, mice and insect pests (not wasps) were not reflective of actual costs as these created the need for a number of visits to resolve.

"Given the financial challenges faced by the council, it is clear that some services will have to change and adapt. It is important that the cost of providing the service is recovered and not delivered at a loss. Our fees are significantly less than the average of those in the private sector and we will continue to deliver excellent value for money. Concessions of 50% will still apply in appropriate circumstances."

The revised fees will apply from 1 April 2023.