20 January
Remembering Together

I sit here and watch and wait: An exhibition for Remembering Together West Lothian will be available to view for free from Friday 27 January to Sunday 28 May 2023.
The collection of community artworks aims to share collective and individual experiences of the pandemic through a diverse range of mediums and stories. This includes textiles, collages and photographs co-created by West Lothian residents with artist Marion Parola of the Bespoke Atelier design studio. 
The exhibition marks the ending of phase 1 of the project and introduces phase 2.  Visitors are invited to view the ideas and share  their thoughts and feelings about the early stage plans for the second phase of the project.
For more information, please visit Remembering Together - West Lothian
Executive councillor for economy, community empowerment and wealth building Kirsteen Sullivan said: "I'm delighted to see the new 'I sit here and watch and wait' exhibition open at the superb venue of Linlithgow Burgh Halls gallery.  
"The pandemic had a huge impact on all our lives, and I'm looking forward to seeing the interesting artworks that these experiences helped inspire."
The Remembering Together - COVID Community Memorial Programme is funded by the Scottish Government and supported by Greenspace Scotland. 
For more information on the programme locally, visit Remember Together West Lothian (opens new window)