09 February
Our ladys primary report

(photography courtesty of Stuart Vance/West Lothian Courier)

The inspection team found a number of strengths across the school and nursery class with ratings of 'very good' and 'good' handed out across performance indicators.

They highlighted the nurturing and respectful relationships between staff and children noting that pupils were polite, courteous and proud of their school and nursery and exemplified the school's values through the way they look after one another.

The report produced by inspectors also picked out the strong strategic direction from all senior leaders who are well respected by the school community.

Across the school and nursery, staff were found to undertake high quality professional learning which is having a positive impact on the quality of learning and teaching and the progress children are making.

Children in the nursery were also judged to be making very good progress in their learning Leadership at all levels is resulting in consistently high-quality learning experiences.

Our Lady's Primary School Acting Head Teacher, Claire McGoldrick said: "We're delighted to share the findings of this report which reflects the outstanding work across our school community. I am so pleased that our learners were highlighted as the stars of the show with their kindness and respect for each other shining through."

Executive councillor for Education, Andrew McGuire said: "Congratulations to all at Our Lady's Primary School and Nursery.  There is an excellent relationship between staff and the children and this is clearly making a very positive impact. Long may this continue and I wish the whole school and nursery community the very best in continuing their work to provide the best learning environment possible for the children to thrive."