21 March
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All councillors in Scotland receive Remuneration, Allowances and Reimbursement of Expenses. Councillors do not set their own Remuneration, Allowances and Reimbursement of Expenses.

The Scheme is reviewed annually by Committee. The Scheme is based on updated versions of the Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004 (Remuneration) Regulations 2007 and the Local Government (Allowances and Expenses) (Scotland) Regulations 2007. The regulations say exactly how much must be paid to the Provost, to the Council Leader and as basic remuneration to all councillors. They set upper limits on how many councillors can be paid more for taking on extra responsibilities and what the maximum amount is that they can be paid for doing so.

From 1 April 202, all councillors will receive a 2.7% rise, below the rate of inflation (10.1%).

Information on Elected Members salaries, allowances and expenses is published by the end of June every year and is available on the Council's website.