21 March
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The properties have been deemed surplus to the council's requirements and consist of two main types of property:

  1. Properties that are no longer required for the delivery of services; and/or
  2. Properties that have been replaced by new buildings where the lease, sale or demolition of the previous asset formed part of the business case for the new asset.



The properties listed below have been declared surplus to requirements: 

  • St David House, 24 South Bridge Street, Bathgate
  • Retail Unit, 22 South Bridge Street, Bathgate
  • Former Hopefield Nursery, Blackburn (which has been replaced by a new facility)
  • Arrochar and Torridon House, Almondvale Boulevard, Livingston Former Bus Turning Area, B9080, Winchburgh
  • Part of former Addiewell Bing

Not all properties will be marketed for sale. For example, the properties at Winchburgh and Addiewell will be offered to specific parties in the first instance. The surplus properties will be disposed of in accordance with the council's surplus property procedures which enable all potential types of bids for the properties to be considered.

Any income raised through the sale of buildings is used to fund future capital investment programmes across West Lothian, enabling the council to invest in vital public infrastructure assets such as schools, care homes, roads, country parks and public open spaces.

Leader of West Lothian Council, Lawrence Fitzpatrick said: "It's important to effectively manage assets to support the delivery of future services.

"Officers have determined that some properties are no longer required and it's right that they are either sold or offered to other parties.  

"When surplus properties are sold, the money generated via the sale goes towards funding new assets. Without the income generated through the sale of these properties, the less we would have to invest in new facilities."