25 May
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Education Executive received an update on work taking place in schools across West Lothian to focus support on addressing the poverty-related attainment gap.
Costs associated with schools can put pressures on family budgets, and put children and young people at risk of missing out or feeling stigmatised.
A wide-range of specific targeted actions is taking place in schools across West Lothian to minimise the cost of the school day to provide equal access to opportunities.
Examples include: subsiding the cost for activities or events or replacing them with donations; free extra-curricular clubs and events; providing digital devices; homework support; and access to snacks and food vouchers.  
Executive councillor for education Andrew McGuire said: "It's great to hear all the good work taking place at schools across West Lothian to tackle issues around the cost of the school day.
"It's important we continue to remove any stigma associated with poverty and make sure that families are aware of the support that's available for anyone who need it.
"While attainment of West Lothian pupils is among the best in Scotland and our poverty-related attainment gap is lower than comparable local authorities, it's vital that we keep making progress on this front to ensure we give all our children and young people the best possible opportunities for the future.
"I know from speaking to numerous schools and Headteachers that they are committed to tackling the cost of the school day, with measures that deliver the best outcomes for the specific needs of their communities."
For more information on help with school costs, please visit Help with school costs or speak to your school.
Anyone looking for help and advice on financial issues can also contact the council's Advice Shop. Please visit Advice Shop and complete an online referral or call 01506 283000.