28 June
Kai from Connolly Campus and Liam from Burnhouse Skills Centre with the publications they helped produce.

Students from Connolly School Campus in Blackburn and Burnhouse Skills Centre in Whitburn worked with The Book Whisperers social enterprise on the special project aimed to inspire young learners and boost their creativity.
Weekly visits to the schools from writers and author helped motivate the pupils to tell their stories. Connolly learners producing a book titled 'Dream Believe, Achieve' reflecting their school values and their ambitions for themselves, while Burnhouse pupils created their own magazine called 'Focus' and reflected a wide range of interests from cooking to art, creative writing to fitness.  
Both Connolly School Campus and Burnhouse Skills Centre are part of the council's Inclusion and Support Service, which supports young people with additional support needs to achieve their full potential.
The project was funded by the Creative Wellbeing Fund, which is co-delivered by Creative Scotland and Education Scotland.
Andrew Millar, Headteacher with the Inclusion and Support Service, said: "The Story Writing and Literacy project was a huge success, encouraging creativity and engaging our young learners.
"Initially some of our young people were reserved and hesitant in the sessions, but this soon melted away and was replaced with excitement and enthusiasm for telling their stories.
"Both the book and magazine are fantastic, and have certainly helped boost literacy skills, as well as their confidence and creativity.
"Everyone involved should be rightly proud of their achievements in creating these publications, and many of the students chose to get their copy signed by their peers as a lasting legacy of the project."
Executive councillor for Education Andrew McGuire added: "Well done to everyone at Connolly School Campus in Blackburn and Burnhouse Skills Centre who was involved in this superb project.
"Special thanks also go to the Creative Wellbeing Fund and Book Whisperers for their invaluable support in delivering the work that has been so beneficial for our young learners."
For more details about this project and others supported by the Creative Wellbeing Fund, please visit Creative Wellbeing fund report (opens new window)