28 June
Probationer teachers due to start in West Lothian schools in August 2023

West Lothian has one of the fastest growing populations of young people in Scotland with an increasing school roll.

A total of 76 primary and 63 secondary probationers are joining the Teacher Induction Scheme in West Lothian this year, which guarantees a one-year training post in a local authority to every eligible student graduating with a teaching qualification from one of Scotland's Higher Education Institutions.

West Lothian's probationer teachers can access a full and varied professional learning programme to further develop their classroom practice and develop their connections to colleagues

Executive councillor for education Andrew McGuire said: "I'm delighted to welcome all our new probationer teachers to West Lothian. Our established probationer programme makes sure that they all have access to support from experienced colleagues and dedicated time for professional learning. 

"Teaching is both a hugely challenging and massively rewarding career, and I hope they all make the most of this amazing opportunity."