28 June
disabled parking

The campaign aims to harness support for the efforts in tackling the widespread problem.  

West Lothian Council administers the Blue Badge scheme in West Lothian, but Police Scotland enforce all parking regulations. 

The Blue Badge scheme is for people who are unable to walk or virtually unable to walk due to severe mobility problems. Blue Badges can be issued to children, adults and organisations if they provide care. Blue Badges can be used by either the driver of the vehicle or any passenger.

Craig Meek, Executive councillor for community safety said: "People with blue badges have them because they are disabled and we'd urge anyone who is doing this to reflect on their behaviour and think about how they would feel if they were prevented from parking by someone who was parked illegally.   

"The Blue Badge Scheme provides a way to help severely disabled people live independent lives by knowing that when they reach their destination, either as a passenger or driver, that they will be able to park near to the venue and therefore have easier access to the services they need to use. Please consider those that are in need of those spaces." 

Police Sergeant Lee Brodie of the Community Policing Team said: "Our officers are actively patrolling West Lothian in a coordinated campaign to target motorists without blue-badges who park in designated disabled parking bays. This type of inconsiderate and illegal parking puts already vulnerable motorists at even greater risk and will not be tolerated. If caught this will result in an immediate fine. Please park with consideration for fellow road users."

If anyone feels they meet the criteria for a Blue Badge, should apply online. The criteria for a badge is set by the Scottish Government. 

You can find out more and apply here:https://www.westlothian.gov.uk/bluebadge

There's a one-off administration fee of £20 for all successful applications and all replacement badges. Blue Badges are valid for up to three years