29 August
Capital Improvement Linlithgow

In 2022/23, £1.7 million was spent from the council's capital investment in the Linlithgow ward area.

The council's budgets are broken down into revenue and capital budgets. Revenue pays for the day-to-day running costs. Capital budgets are used to improve council assets. This includes refurbishing buildings, play areas, roads and parks. This is one off investment and can be used for improvements such as school extensions and improvement projects.

In 2022/23, £93,000 was spent on widow replacements at Bonnytoun nursery as well as electrical upgrades at Linlithgow Academy.

Over £400,000 was spent upgrading local roads including U roads near Torphichen and Beecraigs, and from Longmuir to Kingscaval. Surface works were also undertaken on Linlithgow High Street.

However the vast majority of funding was spent on Open Spaces with over £1.1m being invested in the new cycle facility at Kettilstoun Mains. Further investment was used to upgrade work at Beecraigs and Justinhaugh Drive Green play area.

Over the next ten years, a further £1.8 million will be invested in the Linlithgow ward area on capital projects.

In 2023/24, the main works programme include changes to existing library area of Linlithgow Academy to form more open learning space and breakout areas. There are also planned improvement works to the roof at the High School in addition to boiler replacement works at Springfield Primary.

There is also further improvement works for road within the Linlithgow ward including over £160,000 towards the renewal of street lighting on Acredales, Riccarton Drive. The Linlithgow community have also identified further investment of £59,000 in town centre improvements that will be delivered over the course of 2023/24.

Park repairs will be carried out at Bridgend South Park and Linlithgow Loch Park this year. In addition, park repairs at Listloaning playing field and Springfield park are programmed for 2024/25 and 2025/26 respectively.