29 September
Winter Ready 2020

Local plans will be set out in a report to the Council Executive on Tuesday.

West Lothian Council has a well-established and effective Winter Service Plan and many elements from previous years are set to be carried over into this year's plan.

Should the Council Executive approve the plan next week, nearly £2.4 million will be invested to carry out winter related duties.

The 30,000 tonnes of salt available for the winter period is about three times the amount that is needed for a 'normal' winter.

The council also has a significant fleet of vehicles equipped to tackle winter conditions, such as gritters, multi-purpose vehicles and mini-tractors. Once again, residents will be able to keep a virtual eye on the council's team of gritters via the gritter tracker on the council's website. Gritting route maps  are also available on the council's website along with information on grit bins and self-help information.

Extra resources will help provide two, small dedicated teams to replenish grit bins on an ongoing basis which will speed up the time taken to re-fill bins when they are empty. However, residents are urged to purchase their own supply of salt/grit for private use in areas out with the council`s road and footway network in advance.

The council will also continue to provide 25 self-help salt pick-up points in locations across West Lothian, similar to previous years. These locations are available on the council's website. A range of essential information and resources will continue to be made available to help residents and businesses prepare themselves for winter.

More information can be found here:  www.westlothian.gov.uk/Winter