21 November
St John the Baptist ES report

The report published on Tuesday 21 November presented findings from inspectors following their visit earlier in the year.

Education Scotland Inspectors assessed the school against key quality indicators during their visit and awarded the highest rating of 'excellent' the category for raising attainment and achievement.It is extremely rare for a school to receive this grade assince 2017, less than 1% of primary school inspection evaluations have received an 'excellent'

The school achieved the second highest rating of 'very good' for the remaining quality indicator for learning, teaching and assessment.

The Nursery was ranked as 'very good' against learning teaching and assessment and securing children's progress.

A number of outstanding aspects were highlighted in the report including the sustained, outstanding levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy at the primary stages. Together, the headteacher and all staff are successfully raising attainment for all children and consequently are closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

The quality of children's learning experiences was noted and staff were observed as being highly skilled in ensuring that all children's learning needs are met exceptionally well.

Inspectors were also taken by the pupils extremely positive attitude to learning remarking that they are rightly proud of their many achievements within a community where everyone's rights are respected.

They found a strong ethos of inclusion, nurture and support across the school and nursery with Positive and respectful relationships helping children to feel safe, cherished and happy in the secure, family environment.

The work of nursey staff in creating a vibrant and stimulating nursery environment was pointed out with the report stating that practitioners have worked hard to create superb learning space.

Meanwhile the Nursery School also fared well in the feedback from the Care Inspectorate, being assessed as 'very good' for play and learning and 'good' for quality assurance and improvement and nurturing care and support

one area for improvement was identified and discussed with the head teacher and council representatives.  They recommend that in the nursery class, that the approach to record keeping and quality assurance needs to be strengthened to make sure children's individual plans are up to date with relevant information

St John the Baptist RC Primary School and Fauldhouse Nursery, Head Teacher Angela Gardner said: "I am incredibly proud of our school community. As a staff team, we work to ensure both the school and nursery settings are fun, compassionate and nurturing environments where our children can learn and grow to achieve their potential. Our pupils are amazing and we are delighted with their achievements. They really are a credit to our school, their families and the wider community.

"We will certainly take the positives from this report and reflect on what we can do to further develop our practice, ensuring that we are inspiring success for all our learners."

Executive councillor for education, Andrew McGuire said: "I am thrilled for the pupils, staff and wider community connected to St John the Baptist. This report showcases the excellent work in both the school and nursery settings and I'm sure this will only inspire staff to further develop their fantastic approach to education."