22 February
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The opening of the Linlithgow Partnership Centre - Tam Dayell House and the relocation of the various services into the building has resulted in a number of properties in and around The Vennel becoming surplus to requirements. In addition, there has been a long standing desire by the local community and council to consider the wider development opportunities at The Vennel.

The proposed redevelopment include two main areas including; the former library, a number of commercial units, former public toilet, and open space areas with footpaths. The second area is the public car park which is let to a third party on a commercial lease.

The council approved a framework for all future developments for development in 2020 and a number of expressions of interest from established commercial property and housing developers, including housing associations as well as private businesses/individuals. Given the level of interest, a valuation of the area has been undertaken with consideration given to a mix of residential and commercial development.

A report to Council Executive highlights that following the valuation report, it is clear that 'transformative redevelopment' sought for The Vennel may not be achievable. This is mainly due to the high costs associated with such a redevelopment, the fact that the value of the land occupied by the existing car park  generates more than any potential redevelopment value, specific constraints of the site itself and it being a sensitive location with a need to keep the historic characteristics of the area.

A report to Council Executive sets out that the only way to determine if redevelopments can be secured is to test the open market and the council will undertake a formal marketing exercise seeking redevelopment opportunities and will report back after the summer.

However the report also concludes that selling the council land is not recommended. Office believe that selling the land would not result in significant redevelopment of the area and increasing the number of private landowners would result in making the redevelopment even more problematic in future.

If suitable development opportunities are not secured the council will develop potential options to refurbish vacant units and streetscape in The Vennel and consider any other development opportunities which would allow further consultations to be undertaken.