27 March
Recycling and waste graphic

Contamination levels were reduced by more than 70% for blue bins and 20% for green bins after targeted recycling intervention work in the Armadale and the Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge areas. 

West Lothian Council's Environment & Sustainability Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel (PDSP) received an update on the work on the Recycle for West Lothian campaign, which aims to create a culture of recycling in West Lothian, reduce contamination and lead to an increase in recycling rates. 

The pilot saw a dedicated team going ahead of the waste collection crews to check bins for contaminated materials. Tags were attached to bins and letters sent to householders informing them of the materials that needed to be removed from the bins before it could be emptied.  

Over three collection cycles, of those presenting their bins for collection, over 90% were putting the correct things in their recycling bins.

Households were encouraged to ensure everything that is placed in their blue and green bins is clean, empty and dry, as well ensuring the correct items are placed in each recycling bins.

Reminders were also issued around key items that do not go in recycling bins, such as greasy pizza boxes, black bin bags, crisp packets and tubes and nappies. 

For more information on what should go into each bin, please visit:  Household Recycling and Waste 

Executive councillor for the environment and sustainability Tom Conn said: "The results of the Recycle for West Lothian pilot scheme have been very positive, helping drive up recycling and reduce contamination considerably.

"Thanks to all the local residents in the pilot areas who have positively engaged with our teams to ensure they were placing the right items in each bin. It's great to see the majority of household were happy to take feedback on board to ensure they could recycle as much as possible.

"We will now be rolling this out on a rotational basis across West Lothian, to help other areas increase their recycling rates. If the pilot results were replicated across West Lothian, it would deliver huge benefits for the environment and savings of over £500,000 to the council, which could be reinvested to protect vital services for local residents in West Lothian.

"I would also like to thank all the council staff, who have worked hard very hard on the Recycle for West Lothian project to support local residents increase their recycling for the benefit of everyone."