06 June
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However the council have been made aware of damage caused to Millburn Park and investigations have established that the damage has been caused is as a result of unauthorised drainage works undertaken by Avant Homes Scotland (AHS) in connection with their adjacent residential new-build development.

As a result of those works, the surface of the park has been significantly disrupted and underground drainage pipes and five new manhole covers have been installed by AHS across the park. Those manhole covers are currently protruding above ground level and are impacting upon the public's ability to safely use the park and affecting the council's ability to maintain it. AHS have acknowledged their error and council officers have engaged with AHS with a view to rectifying and regulating matters as soon as possible.

Officers from Property Services and NETs Land and Countryside Services have provisionally agreed a reinstatement plan with AHS that would see AHS reinstate Millburn Park to its original condition. The main provisions of the plan can be summarised as follows:

  • An area will be fenced off for the duration of the remediation to allow the new grass seed to take and minimise impact on the land during the growing period. This area will be fenced off for a period of approximately two months.
  • The five protruding manhole covers will be lowered below ground to return the park to a level surface, with a combination of a membrane and flush turf finish
  • All disturbed land will be fixed by way of hydroseeding and turfing to ensure a grass surface in keeping with the surrounding area.

AHS have confirmed that remediation works would commence on site as a priority should Council Executive approve plans next week. AHS have also confirmed that a fifteen month defects liability period would be provided by them to ensure the reinstatement works are successful.