03 July
General Election 2024 voter ID

You must take an approved form of photo ID with you to the polling place in order to vote in this election.

The most common acceptable documents are passports, driving licences, National Entitlement Cards, blue badges and identity cards with a PASS mark. The Electoral Commission lists all acceptable forms of ID on their website: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/voting-and-elections/voter-id/accepted-forms-photo-id

Polling staff can provide you with a full list of the accepted forms of photo ID on request.

Your photo ID needs to be the original version and not a photocopy. You can still use accepted photo IDs even if they are out-of-date, as long as the photo still looks like you. The name on your photo ID must be the same name you used to register to vote. If it is different you may have to produce other documents, like a marriage certificate, to satisfy election staff about your identity.

If you are not given a ballot paper, you can come back later with other documents and try again.

You can get more information about photo ID by visiting the Electoral Commission website or by giving them a call on 0333 103 1928.

Polling cards were sent out around 11 June 2024 but you don't need your polling card to be able to vote. You do need to be registered to vote. To check if you are registered contact the Electoral Registration Office (ERO) (tel: 0131 344 2500; enquiries@lothian-vjb.gov.uk). They will also be able to tell you your polling place. You can also check your polling place at https://wheredoivote.co.uk/

Once you have received your ballot paper, please follow the instructions on it carefully.

You can only vote for one candidate in a general election. You must indicate your preferred choice by writing an X in the box next to the name of the candidate that you've chosen.

Once you have completed your ballot paper, fold your ballot paper and put it in the ballot box.

Replacement ballot papers are available from polling station staff if you make a mistake.

Pencils will be provided but you can bring your own pen or pencil if you want.

Arrangements are available in the polling stations for voters who may need help with the voting process.

Postal Votes can also be handed in to the Civic Centre in Livingston or any polling place in the constituency on polling day by 10pm. You can only hand in your own and up to five other postal votes. You will need to hand in your postal vote to an authorised officer and complete a Postal Vote Return Form. If the form is not completed, or you hand in more than allowed they will be rejected and the votes will not be counted.

Emergency proxy applications can be made up until 5pm on polling day. This is when you can appoint another individual to vote on your behalf. There is certain criteria which applies and you need to apply by contacting the Electoral Registration Office (ERO) (tel: 0131 344 2500; enquiries@lothian-vjb.gov.uk).

For more on the election please visit the West Lothian Council website - https://www.westlothian.gov.uk/ge2024