17 August
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As part of the council's annual Accident Investigation Programme (AIP) for 2021, the junction of George Street and George Place was highlighted as a site of concern based on the accidents recorded at this section of the pedestrian precinct. George Street pedestrian precinct currently has a pedestrian zone prohibition for no vehicles except for loading on Monday to Saturday 6am to 10am. The AIP programme highlighted five accidents which were all slight. Two accidents involved pedestrians and three accidents involved right turns. The programme also highlighted that motorists regularly ignore the current legal prohibition in the area.

Following consultation with local stakeholders including  the Town Centre Management Group, Community Council, local traders and Police Scotland, a recommendation to permanently close the pedestrian precinct to vehicular access at the south end of George Street/Place is set to be implemented with bollards and road signage to be permanently put in place.   

Please note that the works will have no impact on those wishing to use the access road into the Costa Coffee car park.

The existing vehicle prohibition and loading restrictions at the north end of George Street at North Bridge Street will remain unchanged.