06 May
Kaitlynn Mendenhall and John Fitzsimmonds from Ogilvie School Campus with their new PPE.

The Ogilvie Hub in Livingston need suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) to allow them to safely carry out personal care tasks for their pupils.

When colleagues from the Skills Centre in Whitburn, part of the council's Inclusion and Wellbeing Service (IWS), were made aware of this, they decided to help out.

Support Workers Richie Meldrum and Alan Jackson used the school laser cutter, which is normally used to help pupils develop skills for the workplace, to produce around 60 visors per day. 

They followed the design specification provided by Craft, Design and Technology (CDT) colleagues at Inveralmond Community High School in Livingston, who are producing visors for the West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership central store for both NHS and social care staff.

IWS Head Teacher Andrew Millar said: "Huge thanks to Richie and Alan for volunteering to come in to help council colleagues stay safe and ease demand for PPE.

"They saw the good work taking place by CDT teams in secondary schools, and wanted to do their part to support colleagues in the ASN hubs.

"By producing the visors in-house, it means the council has to buy-in less, easing pressures on the supply chain for the NHS and others who require them at this time."

Head Teacher of Ogilvie School Campus Kristyna MacSween added: "Many thanks to our colleagues in the IWS Skills Centre for taking the time to make PPE visors for Ogilvie staff.

"Our staff need PPE at times to provide for our pupils' needs, and we are delighted that our colleagues in the Skills Centre are supplying our needs in-house, leaving supplies for others who may need it."

Executive councillor for education David Dodds added: "It's fantastic to see such co-operation between different parts of the Education services team in these challenging times.

"Huge thanks to Richie Meldrum and Alan Jackson from the Skills Centre for volunteering to help keep colleagues safe and making sure PPE supplies are available for those who need it."

Pictured are Kaitlynn Mendenhall and John Fitzsimmonds from Ogilvie School Campus with their new PPE.